Welcome to ORYX


The Internet has turned this world into a village! Young people, who account for 52% of the population, are used to accessing other cultures, interacting across geographical borders and actively contributing content; and music plays an important part.

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We realized there is the need to create a global platform which can be best decribed by its motto "From Hollywood to Bollywood, from K-Pop to Kiwi". Our Vision: Uniting the music world through the ultimate global platform.

Online meets Offline

Of course, in the online world our general idea is not new. But, in contrary to others, ORYX aims at eliminating the border between "online" and "offline". Nobody is living in a virtual world only, and nothing beats real life experiences!

Now you can imagine a bit how ORYX will be present on all platforms in the current multimedia lifestyle! Online available via Internet, Mobile (Apps), Games (single/multi), TV, etc. Offline available via Festival, Concerts, Theater, Fan Conventions, Castings, Print, etc.