Welcome to ORYX


ORYX is a fully developed concept (business/financial plan), which is on the step to realization now.
Bringing ORYX to its full potential will take years, especially in regards to industry and audience acceptance. But, the ORYX Team is convinced that globalization won't stop and importance of markets will shift, and therefore the future belongs to global operations like ORYX!


Jack Z. ShermanJack Z. Sherman, the creator of ORYX, is a truly global citizen and perfectly represents the ORYX spirit. Even though he resides on the beautiful Turks & Caicos Islands (Caribbean), he is permanently traveling around the globe and enjoys the excitement of experiencing different cultures.
His track record in the media industry includes television production and distribution, (crossmedia) content development and monetization, as well as being advisory board member at several organizations.
After he served as Ambassador of the legendary "World Music Awards" (click for info), which, at their peak, have been right behind the "Grammy Awards" in worldwide TV ratings, he realized it's about time for a new kind of awards show. He had something more crossmedia and more audience driven in mind. By collecting strategic and insight input from industry friends in leading positions, step by step the concept and business plan has been put together.

ORYX Development Board

John P. DugganChicago based business man and lawyer John P. Duggan serves as Chairman of the Development Board, which is responsible for developing the concept into realization.
He has over 20 years experience maintaining cultural respect for hosting countries and delivering profit generating business ventures for his investors, and great entertaining experience for the hundreds of thousands of people who attend.
As First Vice President and Member of the Executive Board of the WBO World Boxing Organization (click for info), he is an expert in organizing some of the world’s biggest sporting and entertainment events. Besides this, he serves as Trustee of the Aurora Police Pension Board, administering and investing USD 250 million in pension funds.

Support from AIPA

AIPAThe AIPA American Institute of Performing Arts (click for info) is an IRS (USA tax authorities) approved charitable not-for profit organization. It's mission is to educate, entertain and inspire the general public and increase its appreciation of the performing arts.
Main objective is to arrange for international cultural exchange programs as well as for cross border collaboration of performing arts related individuals, organizations and institutions. AIPA endorses ORYX because it supports the exploring of other cultures and other parts of the world through their music.
ORYX appreciates this support and is proud to collaborate with AIPA and its impressive Board of Directors and International Advisory Council of highly recognized members.

Support from CWPF

CWPFThe CWPF China World Peace Foundation (click for info) is a highly recognized, worldwide active non-governmental organization (NGO). Founded by Chinese entrepreneur Dr. Li Ruohong (Chairman) and endorsed by the United Nations (UN), it is based at Beijing's famous Peace Garden in the diplomatic district. Official partner organizations are the UN, the Olympics, the International Red Cross, and many more.
CWPF's mission is to combine governments, enterprises, academic institutions and financial resources to promote the friendly exchanges among various countries' governments and people.

Support from Fiumicino

FiumicinoFiumicino (click for info) is a globally operating consulting firm, advising private and public sector clients in all international matters. To their clients, they are an experienced global partner not only with a deep understanding for local customs and mentalities, but also with a worldwide network of high-level contacts.
Fiumicino's experts assisted ORYX with preparing the business and financial plan as well as the strategy for ORYX' launch. Additionally, Fiumicino arranged for two rounds of seed financing, which funded the basic development work in collaboration with industry experts internationally.


ORYX will operate offices in various countries, but still needs a home base. We are looking for a host country, where the annual ORYX Festival and ORYX Culture & Education Summit will be held at.
In return for official support with the event, the country would benefit from the positive ORYX image and long-term impact. We are aware it takes time to grow ORYX to providing the full benefits return to the host. Therefore, we grant a long-term commitment!


ORYX has signed a "Memorandum of Understanding" with our endorser, the CWPF China World Peace Foundation (click for info) in regards to China as possible permanent host country to the exciting ORYX events.
The photo shows ORYX Creator Jack Z. Sherman, ORYX Development Board Chairman John P. Duggan, and CWPF Founder & Chairman Dr. Li Ruohong at the signing ceremony in Beijing.
The parties are aware of that music events in China, especially at such a large scale, are difficult to organize and that it may take years to obtain all necessary permissions on municipal, provincial and federal level. Therefore, the signed MOU isn't tying ORYX to China and ORYX keeps on actively looking for host countries around the world.