Welcome to ORYX


Built around its highlight, the ORYX Music Awards, the annual ORYX Festival is a 10-day exciting extravaganza of fun and excitement!
But it's not about watching, it‘s about being a part of the ORYX spirit! Visitors on site and online experience other cultures and genres by attending concerts by artists from around the globe. Every year, a different cause of topical interest inspires the motto of the ORYX Festival, and fans can contribute to the subject.


The ORYX Culture & Education Summit (OCES) is structured as a non-commercial, non-profit part of the ORYX Music Festival.
Government and NGO representatives from the relevant fields have the opportunity to gather for initiating and strengthening cultural exchange and education programs. OCES will be the world's very first and only "Summit for Cultural Exchange". Music unites people, and OCES intends to use this power to make the world a better place!

From Fans to Fans

ORYX is supporting cross-border fan interaction. "Fan Reporters" communicate with the worldwide online audience by providing blogs, flogs and vlogs.
Some lucky ones even get awarded VIP Backstage Passes and present the ORYX Festival to a global audience from the fan‘s perspective.

ORYX Awards

Fan Engagement

Fan gatherings initiate cross-border interaction, uniting online/offline participants through the music they love.
If you're on the road to stardom yourself, there are opportunities such as castings or boot camps.
The cool part is that most of the activities are also available online to those who could not travel to the festival.

OCES Mission

Taking the WEF (World Economic Forum) as shining example of a global platform, the ORYX Culture & Education Summit (OCES) aims at becoming for culture and education what the WEF is for economics.
It'll be a long way, but it's worth it we think.

World Peace

The ORYX Culture & Education Summit (OCES) is approaching world peace through cultural interaction and creating global understanding.
It's vital to increase knowledge in general and knowledge about other ways of life and cultures in particular.


ORYX UNIVERSE will be an exciting virtual reality world which unites music lovers and music professionals worldwide. Starting at the main square, users can explore music, cultures and talent. Just by walking through the Universe and visiting theme pavilions, sponsor halls, fan communities, etc. It has never been easier to approach other countries' music scenes and interact with local fans!
No doubt, ORYX UNIVERSE is the online backbone of ORYX, and it's open 24/7 all year round.


Users are interacting through avatars and surf through performances, genres, artists, fan forums, sponsors, etc.
This is an excellent opportunity for global interaction, for example amateurs or professionals can form bands online, can launch multinational collaborations and can even monetize their results by selling their music. ORYX UNIVERSE will allow uploading (sell) and downloading (buy) music at a global scale.

New Stars

ORYX UNIVERSE has the potential to raise its own stars, because it gives amateurs and professionals a worldwide platform to showcase their music. Maybe we'll see some of these new stars at the ORYX Festival?

Fans are #1

While many platforms are built around the industry, ORYX is built around the fans. Our "Official Supporter" program engages fans and makes it truly THEIR ORYX.
Nobody knows music better than the audience! Fans can become "Official Supporter" and actively contribute input from their country and cultural hemisphere.



- Jack Z. Sherman (CEO)